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Christmas trip for the MPV Service

Thanks to the dedication of our teams, we were able to launch this new service last June even though we were in lockdown. Next departure from Le Havre is scheduled for early December to arrive in the West Indies and then French Guiana before the end of the year. Learn more about the service in this video

What does MPV stand for and what does it do?

MPV stands for Multipurpose Vessel. The service transports everything that cannot be containerized. It is dedicated to the transport of breakbulk, Ro-Ro and conventional goods and provides a regular 42-day link between Northern Europe, the West Indies and French Guiana.

We operate this service with our roro ship Marfret Niolon. It’s 1212 linear meter capacity enables it to load a wide variety of goods on wheels. Over the first three rotations, we transported trailers, public works machinery, fire trucks, tankers, coaches, and light vehicles, among many other types of cargo. The ship can also accommodate sailing boats on deck or even dangerous cargoes on return from the West Indies and French Guiana. Thus it offers real solutions to the hazardous waste treatment industry, which suffers from a lack of specialized sites overseas.

What are the advantages of the MPV service?

Our main advantages are our experienced teams and our ability to be in control of the entire supply chain.

We provide a wide range of specialized equipment including mafis, spreaders, cradles for the transport of sailing boats, etc. The MPV service also offers 45′ curtainside containers. The side walls of this innovative container have been replaced by curtains which make it easier to load. It is particularly suitable for transporting building materials such as plasterboard or cement in IBCs (Big Bags).

Another advantage for us is that the MPV service benefits from a direct connection with our Ferrymar service from Pointe-à-Pitre. This extends the service to other Caribbean destinations including Fort de France, Saint Barthélémy and Saint Martin.