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Refrigerated Transport

Marfret expert du transport en conteneur reefer

MARFRET: an expert in refrigerated cargo transportation

The refrigerated or reefer container has revolutionized the carriage of fresh or fragile produce such as foodstuffs. Shipping in an insulated box means fewer transshipment operations and less risk of breaking the cold chain.

In its constant effort to innovate, Marfret has extended reefer capacity to all its shipping lines to offer its clients a reliable and economic solution that is totally adapted to their requirements: operational flexibility and service reliability.


Operational flexibility of the reefer container

Marfret is an expert in the transportation of perishable goods in refrigerated containers.

 The insulated box with aluminum inner walls, a stainless-lined steel outer casing and powered off the ship’s generator is equipped with:

  • a humidity regulator to prevent delicate cargoes from deteriorating
  • an atmosphere regulator to slow the ripening of perishable foodstuffs.

The refrigerated containers are positioned at the production site or plantation and are equipped with Gensets to maintain the required temperature during the journey to the port.

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les conteneurs pour le transport maritime

Marfret’s service reliability in the transport of reefer containers

Equipped with the latest technology, Marfret’s vessels use a centralized control system to monitor the reefer’s functioning throughout the entire voyage.

The reefer temperature is set by the shipper and checked by Marfret’s specialist teams throughout its journey. 

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