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Our CSR commitments

At Marfret, we aim to contribute to building the maritime industry of tomorrow while minimizing our impact on the environment and those around us. To achieve this, we combine responsibility and profitability, continually innovating to offer our customers sustainable and efficient solutions for the transportation of their goods.


Marine propulsion: a wind of innovation blows at Marfret

Since 2022, committed to energy transition, we have equipped our ro-ro vessel Marfret Niolon with 21st-century sails. Four aluminum wings have been deployed on the ship, propelled by the trade winds on the MPV line, using the power of wind, this clean, free, and inexhaustible energy, as a valuable aid to navigation.

Marfret had the honor of receiving the Blue Charter Trophy from Armateurs de France for the implementation of this sail system, which reduces fuel consumption by 10 to 15%.

The wings are easily deployable and installed in 40-foot containers. Inside, the control system and hydraulics facilitate the deployment of the sails and their stowage during port maneuvers. The watch officer decides, from the bridge, to hoist the sails automatically based on meteorological conditions.

Marfret plans to generalize this system to its entire roro fleet by combining it with reversible coupled alternators, resulting in hybrid sail and electricity propulsion.


The Blue Charter of French Shipowners

Marfret, as a signatory of The Blue Charter, commits with Armateurs de France to responsible maritime transport and services.

As true players in globalization, French shipowners work every day for more competitive maritime transport and services that are increasingly respectful of people and the environment.

This commitment involves implementing reflections, consultations, and constructive actions with various stakeholders (public and private) in the sector.

Human beings at the heart of our concerns

We ensure the well-being of our teams at sea

Promoting transparent, high-quality management

Promoting employment and training in maritime transport.

Environmental Protection  Ensuring a high level of safety Implementing concrete actions for the protection of the environment and marine ecosystems Defining the best transport logistics Developing a participative, collective, and proactive approach
Maintaining the Highest Level of Safety

Adhering to management rules of companies in accordance with safety requirements.

Providing crew training on safety.

Ensuring the French flag’s classification remains at the top of the Paris Memorandum’s white list.

Click here to access The Blue Charter of Armateurs de France.

Speed Reduction

The company has reduced the speed of its vessels with the primary objective of reducing its CO2 emissionsThis initiative also aligns with environmental regulations and objectives set by the IMO.

Marfret seeks to reconcile energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in its maritime operations.

Weather Routing: Focus on sustainability

Marfret aims to continue its efforts to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions while maintaining the quality of its services.

We have entered into a collaboration with the company Syroco to implement a dynamic routing system that determines the optimal route of the vessel in terms of emissions based on several parameters.

The use of the EfficientShip software platform, already tested on our Marfret Niolon, has allowed for a substantial reduction in emissions on the MPV line. Other techniques are underway, such as optimizing design and using specific hull coatings.

Carbon balance

In 2023, the Marfret Group took the initiative to establish its carbon balance even before the obligations of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) came into effect. This proactive approach aims to anticipate future environmental challenges and establish a solid roadmap to guide our transition towards decarbonized maritime activity.

By carefully analyzing our greenhouse gas emissions, we seek to obtain a clear understanding of the ecological impact of our operations. This carbon balance represents the crucial first step in developing effective emission reduction strategies.

Just in Time

Marfret optimizes its vessel routes by implementing a “Just in Time” approach.

“Just in Time” aims to reduce vessel speed to arrive just in time at the next port of call, thus reducing waiting time in ports. A study conducted by MarineTraffic and Energy and Environmental Research Associates (EERA) has shown that container ships can reduce their fuel consumption and resulting carbon dioxide emissions by 14% per voyage by using this concept.

RSE Focus at the Office

Employee Mobility

Marfret encourages the use of alternative transportation by its employees. By subsidizing up to 75% of public transportation subscriptions, we promote the use of public transport. At our head office in Marseille, we are experimenting with a partnership with Kairos and the Metropolis to encourage car sharing. A bicycle storage facility is also provided to facilitate the integration of cycling as a means of transportation. These measures demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility, combining financial support, innovative partnerships, and practical facilities to encourage environmentally friendly transportation choices by our teams.

Promoting Eco-Friendly Practices in the Office

Limiting Attachments

The use of OneDrive and SharePoint helps limit the exchange of email attachments.

Collective Printers

Individual printers are replaced by collective printers configured to print double-sided and in black and white.

Automatic Shutdown

Computers and printers are automatically shut down in the evenings and on weekends.