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Cultural Sponsorship: Hosting Artists in Residence

Since 2007, Marfret has been committed to cultural sponsorship by hosting artists in residence. Our goal is to offer our employees and port communities a constantly renewed perspective on our maritime activity. Through these artistic residencies, we explore the complexity and aesthetics of maritime transport, which is an essential element of the evolution of the contemporary world.

The ship, the port, the container—symbols of maritime transport—possess a powerful and evocative aesthetic that has inspired many artists. By hosting artists in residence, we provide a conducive space for creation, reflection, and interpretation of our maritime world from the bridge of the ship.

Over the years, Marfret has had the privilege of hosting artists from all backgrounds.

Among them is the videographer Marie Reinert, winner of Mécènes du Sud, whose documentary “Roll on Roll off” captured the very essence of our maritime activity through the study of flows.

We have also collaborated with the visual artist Erick Deroost, who explored the transformations of port landscapes induced by containerization, the backbone of globalization.

The videographers Vincent Ducarne and Nicolas Clauss brought their unique perspective on board our vessels, capturing moments of life and escape on the high seas.

Finally, the watercolorist Yvan Salomone has managed to translate the poetry of our oceanic crossings and maritime and port spaces.

This artistic diversity enriches our experience of cultural patronage by allowing us to explore a multitude of perspectives on the maritime world. These unique collaborations give rise to varied and original works that testify to the richness of the links between art and business.

 In 2024, we launched the Atlantic-Pacific Artists Line in partnership with the prestigious Villa Albertine and the National Maritime Museum. This maritime route connects Northern Europe to Tahiti and New Caledonia, passing through the American ports of New York and Savannah, as well as Australia and New Zealand. It thus provides a unique platform for artistic expression inspired by sea voyages.

As part of this collaboration, renowned artists such as illustrator Pierre Buttin, writer Arno Bertina, and photographer and filmmaker Grégoire Korganow experienced an immersive journey aboard our vessels in 2023, producing original works that testify to their encounter with the maritime world and its inhabitants.

By hosting artists in residence and supporting innovative projects like the Atlantic-Pacific Artists Line, we strengthen our commitment to culture, creativity, and sustainable development. These initiatives contribute to enriching our vision of the maritime world and forging lasting connections with artistic communities around the globe.

Exposition "Waterfront" par Erick Deroost
Aquarelle d'Yvan Salomone
Le Marius par Pierre Buttin

Sports Sponsorship: Partnership with Sailor Xavier Macaire

Since 2021, Marfret is proud to sponsor Xavier Macaire, a renowned sailor, competing in Class 40 sailing races. Xavier embodies the values of commitment, resilience, and perseverance, values that resonate deeply with those of our company.

At Marfret, we are passionately committed to the maritime adventure, especially the crossing of the Atlantic, an experience too often forgotten or trivialized by land dwellers.

Our partnership with Xavier Macaire goes beyond the mere sporting realm; it also signifies a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and continuously improving our energy performance.

By collaborating with Xavier, we benefit from his expertise and experience to optimize the use of our sail system deployed on our MPV service. This collaboration has been successful, as we had the honor of receiving the Blue Charter Trophy from Armateurs de France.

The races we support Xavier Macaire in resonate with the routes taken by Marfret’s vessels.

He notably participated in the Route du Rhum race to Guadeloupe in 2022 and in the Transat Jacques Vabre race in double with Pierre Leboucher to Martinique in 2023. Martinique and Guadeloupe are destinations that Marfret has been serving for over 40 years, thus strengthening the ties between our company and these island territories.

This partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovate and progress while respecting the environment, while also supporting talented athletes like Xavier Macaire, who share our values and our vision of a sustainable maritime future.