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Hinterland transport

River transport, a massified and ecological transport solution.

As a partner to maritime transport, river transport offers economic, ecological, and social efficiency. FluvioFeeder, a subsidiary of Marfret and a recognized player in river transport on the Seine axis, is constructing new channels of exchange between ports and urban centers, as well as new multimodal combinations between maritime, river, and land networks.

Rouen Logistics Hub: a combined transport platform for sea, river, rail, and road transport.

The Rouen Hub aims to offer goods a range of outsourced logistic services, enabling cost savings and logistic optimization through efficient temporary storage facilities and providing relevant intermodal transport options.

Rouen hub logistics : a networking of combined transport river – road – rail

The Rouen Hub aims to provide to the cargo, a service range of relocation logistics, enabling to achieve savings and optimize its logistics with an efficient tool all through temporary warehouses with relevant transports provided.

Le terminal


  • A networking of combined transport: River – Road – Rail
  • 120,000 sqm with security and safety according to the ISPS rules,
  • 800 m linear quay with 2 x 250 m railway line,
  • 3 gantries, 6 reachstackers & 12 tugs masters with trailers,
  • Plugs for reefer,
  • 5 logistic warehouses for the goods.


Les prestations


  • 2 major national maintenance operators,
  • A storage area quayside,
  • Treatment of OOG cargo, heavy lift…
  • Checking of reefer containers, pre-trip,
  • Weighing on terminal containers.


Les avantages


  • Many destinations available in accordance with different transport modes: Paris, Nancy, Strasbourg, Marseille Fos, Bordeaux.
  • Near major roadways,
  • Sky Priority on Terminal: quick pick up from terminal to facilitate deliveries.

Contact : Antoine Chaventré + 33 (0)2 32 81 60 33 achaventre@marfret.fr