French Polynesia is an overseas community with 118 islands divided into 5 archipelagos scattered over more than 2.5 million km². Its population is around 185,000 inhabitants, mainly concentrated on the island of Tahiti which Papeete is the capital city.
By its characteristics, the economy of Polynesia ranks this community as a developed country. Tourism and pearl culture are the main activities.
The industry is essentially based on agribusiness, shipbuilding and processing activities.


The volumes landed annually internationally at the port of Papeete are relatively stable: 35,000 teu or 825,000 MT.
Because of the geographical extent of its islands, the share reserved in the port of Papeete for inter-island navigation is important.
The long-haul dock is a total length of 453 linear meters, which is doubled by a wharf called "hydro" reserved for tankers. The 3 stevedoring companies have the property of 5 cranes (Liebherr and Gottwald).


TRANSAM Polynesia is a branch of PDL International Pte Ltd with headquarters in Singapore. Its staff, which counts 8 people, ensures the agency of the Marfret’s ships.

Agencies for port : Papeete

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