The UK has been able to maintain steady, if modest, growth over the past 5/6 years although it does remain to be seen how the UK’s exit from the EU – and the eventual ‘form’ this exit takes – will impact UK growth in the medium/long-term.
In the short-term since the vote to leave in June 2016, the relative weakening of Sterling versus both Euro and US Dollar has given some stimulation to exports whilst at the same, negatively impacting imports.
In the long-term, prospective new trade-deals with Countries outside the EU such as USA, New Zealand and Australia should stimulate trade growth to/from UK on Marfret’s deep-sea services.


London Gateway Port – operated by DP World – which serves Marfret’s NASP & South American services is the most modern port in the UK and is the closet ‘Deep-Sea’ port to London & South-East which is the largest single consumer area in the Country.
Additionally, London Gateway has direct rail links to the major industrial conurbations in in the North of UK eg Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds & Glasgow.


Independent Maritime Agencies (IMA) has proudly represented Marfret as UK since 1996 and is head-quartered in Birmingham in close proximity to the major industrial conurbations, with port offices/representation in Felixstowe and Tilbury/London Gateway.

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