Degrad des Cannes

Degrad des Cannes, French Guiana

Located in the town of Rémire-Montjoly, the port terminal of Dégrad-des-Cannes is located on the Mahury River and extends over an area of ​​23Ha. Nautical access is via a 15 km long and 120 m wide channel which is maintained by a permanent dredging.

90% of the trade to and from Guiana are handled in Dégrad-des-Cannes, with a total traffic over 800KT in 2016, 60% of which is containerized freight. The French Guiana market is largely dominated by importations. Formerly granted to the Chamber of Commerce, it is since 1 January 2013 a public institution (Grand Port Maritime of Guiana).

60% of the traffic passing through the port of Dégrad-des-Cannes consists of various goods: containers, RoRo. These are food and non-food consumption goods, light vehicles, capital goods, building materials for local construction sites and public works machinery.

Since local production mainly serves the domestic market, there are few goods for export, and these primarily concern waste for recycling and removals.

The important demographic growth and the evolution of the public order are determining factors for the port activity.


The Dégrad-des-Cannes port terminal handles a wide range of goods and offers three berths including a RoRo platform. To date, there is no handling equipment on the dockside, the handling LoLo board being provided with the means of rigged vessels; the land handling are provided by the local handling companies.

Two dedicated pontoons allow the treatment of liquid and solid bulk.


The company has been serving French Guiana since December 1980. In 2005, MARFRET set up its own shipping agency and confirms its establishment on the territory. In 2010, MARFRET adds a string to its bow by acquiring the port handling branch of the GTM group, which will become GLMP. This mastery of handling from shore to shore is an essential part of the service that MARFRET provides to its customers.

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