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With Starcool avocados travel relajado!

To ensure the fruits remain in optimum shape during the sea crossing, in January, 2018, Marfret invested in a fleet of 250 brand-new 40′ high-cube refrigerated containers. The containers, which provide a controlled atmosphere thanks to Starcool technology, have become an immediate hit with producers of avocados, the tender flesh of which is especially fragile.

The container’s atmosphere parameters are pre-set by a technician at the depot according to the client’s criteria. The container absorbs and extracts the CO2, ethylene and other gases emitted by the fruits using a pump and membrane and a set of filters, thus slowing the ripening process. The shipment temperature for a same fruit can range from 8 to 13 degrees Celsius depending on the shipper’s requirements. The Starcool technology has become firmly established in the market over the past few years due to its ability to prolong the fruit’s shelf life. Starcool reefers also feature an airtight curtain inside the doors, a system common in cold stores, which seals the container and stops any infiltration of air.