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New 40’HC dry containers within sight!

Marfret is again expanding its fleet of containers with 200 brand new 40’ high-cube dry units. Fresh from the construction factories, the containers have left Asia and are on their way to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. They will be available for bookings in the very first days of May.
A highly sought-after commodity at the moment, 40’ HCs provide an increased load capacity of between 10 and 15% over standard containers due to their extra 30cm in height.
With this new order, Marfret is reassuring customers that there is availability on the market and demonstrating the company’s ability to accompany its customers in their growth.
For a number of years, Marfret’s logistics department has continued to order containers in order to keep up with demand and provide recent equipment. In 2020, Marfret already increased its fleet of 40’HC dry by 10% and invested in 550 new reefer containers.