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Click’n book!

As the year 2022 gets under way, no kisses under the mistletoe, but heartfelt best wishes and grand resolutions. Health, love, success… Let’s raise a glass to the New Year!

What does this year hold in store for us? How are we going to be living during the next twelve months? Free, vaccinated, confined? Despite this wave of uncertainty, one thing already seems to be a given: over the past two years, digitalised operations have become more numerous and more widespread to avoid proximity -and therefore contamination- but also to make our lives more simple! History has taken a new turn.

After having migrated to a new information system, Marfret is looking to bring its e-booking service online during the course of 2022, in order to make transporting your goods easier while ensuring complete control and total transparency of operations and the supply chain.

An additional feature for you, our customers, who will be able to make bookings online directly on Marfret’s website, in a personal space called “My Space”. You will soon be able to take advantage of features as intuitive as on any online store, including the option of storing documents (VGM…), saving your transaction history and receive our newsletter.

This new means of booking space will thus complement the existing channel provided to clients for several years now via the INTTRA community portal.

This development will in no way alter the close relationship we enjoy with our clients, something that has been part of Marfret’s DNA since its founding in 1951. It will merely be an additional option in the range of services provided by our company.

Of course, you will still be able to count on the availability and efficiency of all our teams in every one of the geographic zones we serve. Our staff members work daily to ensure cargoes are delivered whatever the circumstances, including weather hazards, despite the problems caused by the pandemic and strikes.

Indeed, I would like to pay tribute to, and express my thanks for, the dedication shown by the men and women staff members at Marfret, both on land and at sea, with a special mention for our support services, who have shown great innovation and adaptability during the pandemic to ensure that our sales teams continue to provide you with the best possible service. Huge praise is due also to our agents, who defend the company’s colours across the globe.

Marfret has weathered many storms and will always be by your side. A wonderful New Year to you, your families and your loved ones.

Guillaume Vidil