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FFA: Timber is going green

Last December FFA, a subsidiary of Marfret, a specialist in the design of intermodal solutions on the Seine axis, organized the combined transport of timber frames between Normandy and the Paris region.

This shipment was carried out as part of an experiment initiated by the Normandy timber industry. Leaving the workshops of the company Cuiller Frères, a specialist in timber construction since 1971, the frames were loaded onto the Marfret Brevon from the quays of Somap, Marfret’s handling subsidiary. This was a first for Cuiller Frères, which had always transported their frames from their Normandy workshops to building sites in the Paris region on an ‘all road’ basis. River transport has a clear competitive and ecological advantage: “We were able to place eight “bundles” of frames on the barge instead of only two in a truck” explains Amélie Cuiller. The Marfret Brevon first stopped at Conflans Ste Honorine to unload the equivalent of six wooden houses. The four other “bundles” were dropped off at Bruyères s/ Oise.

Marfret and its subsidiaries FFA and Somap are pleased to have participated in this experiment aimed at reducing the number of trucks in the Paris region.