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Welcome Marius!

The Marius (ex Nordmaple) has just joined our company fleet today, during its commercial call at Dunkirk. The “closing”, decisive and final stage of the purchase, marked the transfer of ownership to Marfret at 11:00 am.

Marius, a name dear to the people of Marseille [1], means “of the sea“. It is also an abbreviation of ‘’Marfret is useful’’.

This geared vessel can carry up to 2500 teu and features 750 reefer plugs. Its specifications are a perfect match, in terms of capacity and performance, for the needs of our NASP line on which it is deployed. This weekly fixed day service serves Northern Europe, the East Coast of the United States and the Pacific. It is the only direct service in the market between Europe and Papeete and Noumea, as well as between New Zealand and Europe.

The acquisition of the Marius is part of our strategy to constantly improve our CO2 emission ratios per tonne transported. The vessel, built in 2018, is equipped with the latest-generation fuel-injected engine guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption.

[1] Marius, a sailor from Marseille, is a famous character in the works of the French author Marcel Pagnol. Marfret, a French liner shipping company, has been headquartered in Marseille since its creation in 1951.